How to install MetaMod

Server owners must follow these steps to install MetaMod:

  1. Open your server(s) Game.ini file.
  2. In the section [/Script/Mordhau.MordhauGameSession]
    1. Add: Mods=1184425
    2. Find and set bAllowHttpRequests=True
  3. In the section [/Script/Mordhau.MordhauGameMode]
    1. Add: SpawnServerActorsOnMapLoad=/MetaMod/BP/MetaMod.MetaMod_C

MetaMod comes with these optional Game.ini variables:


(how long players have to vote, default 25s. recommend 15-20s)

(hide the current map from the vote screen to force map changes, default setting is false)

(use game.ini MapRotation order for vote choices, default setting is to randomise order)

(force-choose this map if nobody votes, default setting is to pick a random map)


(require minimum server playercount in order to vote for certain maps)
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